Help us stay #1 in sustainability

As ‘plastic free July’ continues, we’re asking you to help us make sure our waste streams go where they should

You may have heard us mention our number one global ranking for sustainability, two years running. Because sustainability is everything at International Towers, and it’s only with your valued help we’ve achieved such an outstanding environmental outcome.

To help us maintain this eco-excellence we’d like to share a few issues in the waste streams we’ve noticed over recent months, which we’re sure with your kind assistance can be resolved really fast.

Did you know? If waste streams get corrupted, the whole load goes to landfill.

You can directly help us reduce landfill by following this friendly reminder:

  1. Food and organics should go in the Green Organic waste stream – we’re finding lots in the Brown Dry waste stream, which corrupts the load and sends it to landfill.

  2. Only finished, completely empty coffee cups should go in the Brown Dry waste stream – if there’s any liquid left in any cup, it corrupts the load and it goes to landfill.

  3. Fully compostable coffee cups can go straight into the Green Organic waste stream – completely skipping the Dry Waste stream process.

Get to know great waste habits and help us stay #1 for sustainability


New NSW laws banning single use plastic effective from 1st June  

Plastic free July is also a perfect time to make sure you didn’t miss the NSW legislative changes which banned single use plastic from 1st June 2022 – which includes items you may be used to using, like single use plastic bags, cutlery or straws.

Thank you for your continuing collaboration as valued tenant partner at one of the most sustainable precincts in the world.

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