The wonders of walking

Mood booster, stress reliever, immunity improver, and creativity enhancer.  Is there anything walking can’t do?

Well, yeah. It’s not a magical elixir of life, but we reckon it’s close. 
It’s no secret that exercise and movement can do wonders for our physical and mental health. But did you know that walking, possibly the most beginner-friendly form of exercise, can bring a whole bunch of positive benefits to the table? And the best part: no equipment or pricey memberships required. If you didn't hear the news yet, we’ve gone an extra mile and created five custom walking routes around International Towers. All you need to do is get out into nature and start walking. But before you hit the pavement, let us give you an extra spring to your step by sharing seven ways walking can improve your health, well-being and even your performance at work.
  1. Decreases stress.
    Walking is a great natural stress-buster. It lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, helping you feel more relaxed. Research shows that even just 10 minutes of walking can reduce stress levels!

  2. Strengthens joints.
    Walking is a great low-impact exercise that’s not only gentle on your joints, but also strengthens them. Studies have shown that walking lubricates joints, builds supporting muscles, and increases blood flow for better range of motion.

  3. Improves mood.
    Movement releases the big ‘E’ (endorphins!), leading to happier thoughts and feelings. Recent research suggests that this effect is even more pronounced when taking a leisurely stroll in nature.

  4. Boosts immunity.
    Walking can be your secret weapon during the cold and flu season. Moderate-intensity exercise, such as walking, turbocharges our immune system by increasing the number of immune cells that fight pathogens, reducing the risk of illness from infectious diseases.

  5. Maintains healthy weight.
    Regular walking can boost your metabolism. If you're eager to increase your calorie burn, try switching between speed walking and a slower pace, and challenge yourself to beat your previous times on different days

  6. Makes for a better night's sleep.
    Get ready for some sweet dreams! Regular physical activity, like walking, naturally enhances the effects of melatonin (AKA the sleep hormone). While the research is mixed on whether it improves sleep duration, there's strong evidence that walking improves sleep quality.

  7. Boosts brain power.
    Walking boosts brain blood flow, improving focus and decision-making. It also ignites creativity and imaginative thinking, as shown by a study where participants who walked during creative-thinking tests outperformed those who remained seated.