Renewal, Rebirth & Celebration

Samambaia delivers another sustainable creative installation 

Easter holds significant meaning for many people around the world. Beyond its religious significance, Easter often symbolizes themes of renewal, rebirth, and hope. The tradition of chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts, and other customs are deeply rooted in various cultural and religious practices, each with its own interpretation of the holiday's significance.

It is in that spirit that our distinctive Easter art installations, crafted by Maria Claudia, Samambaia, and her talented team of artisans have evolved and can be admired throughout our lobbies.

You might find the colours and textures reminiscent of our previous festive season installations. We've ingeniously repurposed florals and exquisite ethically farmed Emu eggs, now elegantly nestled within nests.

The installations celebrate the inclusiveness, sustainability and creativity of our community, and pay tribute to the traditional owners of our land.

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