Celebrate the Spirit of First Nations Art at Our Barangaroo Pop-Up Gallery

Discover Blak, Loud and Proud Artworks at Tower Two International Towers

Our pop-up gallery in the Lobby at Tower Two International Towers brings together a rich tapestry of art and narratives and offers a unique opportunity to explore and purchase stunning pieces by talented First Nations artists.

When: Monday 8 July - Friday 12 July
Where: Tower Two International Towers

The gallery embodies the 2024 NAIDOC theme, 'Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud, and Proud' showcases the enduring strength and diversity of First Nations art and stories. Just as embers and little fires sustain the flame, the exhibitions highlight the powerful voices and creative expressions of First Nations artists.

Featured in our gallery are works by NSW-based artists Jessie Waratah, Dennis Goulding, Zachary O’Donnell, Siena Bhuiyan, Trevor Eastwood, Owen Lyons, and the collective Bindi Bindi Art. Each piece reflects the artist's unique story and perspective, deeply connecting to their experience and heritage.

Whether you're a serious collector or an art-lover curious about First Nations culture, take this opportunity to immerse yourself in dynamic artworks, engage with powerful narratives, and support First Nations artists by purchasing a piece that speaks to you. Celebrate the rich heritage and vibrant future of First Nations art.

Visit the pop-up gallery in the Lobby at Tower Two International Towers during NAIDOC week, Monday 8 July - Friday 12 July, and be part of this inspiring cultural journey


To celebrate NAIDOC Week this year, we've prepared some wonderful activities in our building Lobbies to engage and immerse you in First Nations cultures.

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We deeply acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land we work and travel through and pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging.

We look forward to sharing this special week with you.