System compromised! Are you and your team feeling cyber safe?

We invite you to a critical discussion with renowned expert Yasmin London, exploring the crucial issue of the human navigation of the tech world, now enhanced by AI.

In a world where technology seamlessly intertwines with our daily work routines, the emergence and amplification of cyber risks for humans and technology cannot be ignored. 

Yasmin will share her insights into how AI, despite its transformative potential, introduces new dimensions of risk for individuals and teams, particularly for minority groups like women, LGBTIQ+, first nations individuals and people living with disability.

When: 12pm Thursday 29th February 
Duration: 45 mins



Key insights will include:

  • Unpacking human-technology dynamics: Explore the intricate relationship between human behavior and technology, shedding light on current trends and vulnerabilities in this interplay.
  • Organisational awareness: Strategies to foster digital resilience within your organisations and teams when it comes to emerging threats, governance, and requirements to safeguard work environments in an online context.
  • Inclusive workspaces: Examine the imperative for organisations to extend the concept of a safe psychosocial workplace to the digital world so many of us now work within, recognising and addressing the specific risks such as technology facilitated gender based violence.

Through this enlightening conversation with Yasmin London, "Eggshell Conversations" aims to spark reflection and formative action, emphasising the significance of creating heightened awareness about online safety and human digital resilience in the AI era. Join us to empower yourself and your team against the threats of the digital age.

Yasmin London
Yasmin London is a powerhouse in the realm of online empowerment and digital communication. Her no-nonsense, practical approach has empowered countless individuals to use technology as an enhancer of their lives rather than a disruptor. 

With a rich background as a World Champion athlete and Police Officer, Yasmin’s diverse experiences bring depth to her role as the Director of Digital Wellbeing at Linewize. Under her leadership, the organization has made a significant impact, reaching over 27,000 schools and touching the lives of 15 million students across the globe.

Her 13 years with the NSW Police Force, combined with her flair in television presenting, equips her to deliver compelling and effective digital resilience education. This has led to collaborations with industry giants like Microsoft, Telstra, TikTok and the University of Sydney, where she provides them with expert digital insights.

She’s an active contributor to platforms such as Kidspot and NineHoney and has graced television screens on programs like Channel 9's Today.

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