Discover more tail-wagging details about BarkLife

If you haven't completed your EOI for BarkLife yet, consider this your official, four-legged public service announcement.

A limited-time pop-up doggy daycare is coming to Barangaroo for 12 days, from Tuesday, 10 June to Thursday, 27 June. Fill out your EOI and submit your signed Pet Policy by Friday, 17 May to be part of BarkLife. Think of it as your golden ticket to doggy paradise. Our pals at A+ Dogs, who are facilitating the doggy daycare, will review your submission with the precision of a well-trained Border Collie. Once you're approved, you'll be invited to book your pup's spot via WorkLife.

What to expect on the big day?

If you're lucky to fetch a spot at daycare, you and your canine companion will be invited to check-in at the daycare on the morning of your scheduled visit. Daycare runs from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, with flexibility on drop-off and pick-up times to suit your schedule. On the big day, you'll meet the pawesome A+ Dogs staff, get your pup's passport (essential for sophisticated pooches), and snag a Valet style tag for a safe return.

Now, let's talk about what your fur baby will be up to while you conquer the workday. Picture this: a doggy wonderland complete with Kong toys galore, water bowls to keep those tongues hydrated, and treats for being good boys and girls (although, lunch is BYO).

We've got designated toilet areas and a cleanup crew for a fresh environment. For those pups who prefer a little peace and quiet, there's also a quiet zone kitted out with cosy crates and comfy beds by Charlie's Pets. Be sure to block out 12PM-1PM on your calendar because that's when your pup will need your undivided attention for a refreshing walk, guided by A+ Dogs. 

What if you're allergic or not a dog-person?

We get it, and we promise that BarkLife won't be a problem for the non-dog crowd. We've carefully chosen a location away from lifts and doors, so you can avoid any unexpected canine encounters. No sneezes or barks, just smooth sailing for everyone.

How to participate 

To participate, tenants can submit an Expression of Interest on Amica before Friday, 24 May, which will be reviewed and approved by A+ Dogs. Bookings can then be made through Amica to secure spots.


For more information, we have provided the BarkLife Pet Policy below. 

We hope you share our excitement for BarkLife!

P.S. If your dog doesn't quite fit the criteria for daycare – don't fret! There's plenty more to come for dog-lovers.