Emotional Resilience: It’s In Your Hands

Introducing It’s In Your Hands: Your Steering Wheel Your Choice? Join our cuppa session with Dr. Jane Foster

Serving as a guide to recognizing and embracing your power to make choices and effect change in your life, and strategies for defining clear goals and visions for your future, this is the Cuppa for a radical shift. 

Dr. Foster uses the powerful metaphor of driving a car to illustrate how we are all in the driver's seat of our lives, with the autonomy and responsibility to steer our paths towards our desired destinations.

With the encouragement to grasp your personal steering wheels firmly, making conscious, deliberate choices that reflect your values, aspirations, and goals, Dr. Foster emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in understanding where we want to go and the resilience needed to navigate the inevitable bumps and detours along the way.

When: 12pm Wednesday 20 March 

Where: Register on the Cuppa website to join the discussion




More about Dr. Jane Foster

Dr. Jane Foster has been a teacher/educator for over four decades, both in Australia and abroad. Throughout her career, she noticed how the pervasive culture of blame, criticism and judgement can be damaging and destructive. 

This realization inspired her to establish MYTERN, which has since evolved into Emotional Resilience (ER). 

In her doctoral research, Jane evaluated the effectiveness of ER with first-year university students, and the results were impressive. It increased students’ psychological well-being, life satisfaction and resilience, whilst decreasing their levels of psychological distress. 

Her book "It's In Your Hands" aims to share this life-saving skill with a wider audience.


It's In Your Hands

It's in Your Hands, is not just a book; it's a roadmap to living a life of intention, empowerment, and fulfilment.

Dr. Jane Foster provides the tools and inspiration needed to take control, make brave choices, and joyfully navigate the journey of life. Perfect for anyone seeking to drive their life forward with purpose and passion.

With a driving metaphor as its foundation, this unique approach helps you comprehend that your response to everyday situations and people determines which emotional road you take, and that reaction is within your control. By giving the rough roads a purpose, ER eliminates judgment towards challenging emotions such as anger, frustration, shame, and guilt.

You learn that you may lose control on any road, rough or smooth, and are given the tools to regain and maintain control on any road. This book will give you the tools to embrace those bumps in the road rather than try to avoid them, become emotionally and socially intelligent, and have the resilience to cope with challenging situations.

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