Leading Through Authenticity

Do you feel like you’re endlessly striving in a world that never stops asking for more? Join our cuppa session with Jo Wagstaff

Introducing LEAD LIKE YOU: How Authenticity Transforms the Way Women Live, Love and Succeed

Tirelessly chasing "success" only to find yourself weighed down by stress, guilt, and burnout? It's time for a radical shift.
True transformation, radical resiliency, and deep fulfilment lies within: learning to know yourself, care for yourself and truly be yourself, at work and in life. Lead Like You is the roadmap to this transformation.
For anyone aspiring to lead with authenticity and make a meaningful impact in their organisation and beyond, whether you're a seasoned executive, a new manager, or an emerging leader author, Jo Wagstaff, offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to help you unlock your leadership potential. If you're tired of conventional leadership advice and are seeking a fresh perspective rooted in self-discovery, this is the Cuppa for you. 

When: 12pm Wednesday 6 March 

Where: Login or signup to Amica to join the discussion



More about Jo 

Jo Wagstaff brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in leadership development and executive coaching, Jo has empowered countless individuals to unlock their leadership potential and achieve their goals.
At 30 Jo was the only female on the executive team at Colonial First State. At 32 she was poached by James Packer to join his then financial services group. After burning the candle at both ends, three years later she accepted a lucrative redundancy as she decided to step away from corporate life. After the GFC hit, and Jo lost her home and most of her wealth, Jo decided to start her own leadership development company, working with thousands of executives to bring more authenticity, conscious leadership and executive well-being to the corporate world.
In business you need change to grow and Jo is changing the way Australian women work. A 2023 survey of Australian working women found 54% reported an increase in stress levels, 30% ongoing ‘burnout’ and 16% left their jobs in 2022 citing lack of flexibility. With women representing 47.9% of Australian workforce this isn’t something which the business sector can choose to ignore. Jo Wagstaff is helping women to still achieve exceptional results at work but in a sustainable manner.  


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