Sustainable Style - Fashion Designers

Ten well-known and emerging fashion designers have created their own sustainable piece for Fashion Week

These fabulous creations will be premiered at our KITX in Conversation breakfast on Wednesday 8th May and will then be on display throughout Tower's Two and Three for the duration of Fashion Week 13-17 May 2024.   

Sustainable fashion embodies a commitment to environmental and social responsibility throughout the entire lifecycle of a garment, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to ethical manufacturing practices and minimising waste. 

Embracing sustainable fashion means choosing pieces that not only look good but also do good for the planet and its people. 

It's about making conscious choices that leave a positive impact on the world. 

Meet our designers


Founder kit willow continues to pursue her love of creation in harmony with her passion for nature with the birth of KITX, launched in store august 2015.

KITX is born from a spirit of kindness, integrity and transparency. The X
represents the future. KITX strives to be a pioneer in design-led, sustainable and ethical fashion.

“We create product love with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design while consciously sourcing materials that minimise harm to our planet’s precious resources.”

“I strongly believe in a better world, through the simple mantra of making
women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet, so everyone can
win.” Kit Willow

It was with a capsule collection of lingerie and eight fashion pieces that
founder, kit, launched her namesake label, Willow.

Having a commerce degree majoring in psychology and working with a master of draping in Paris, Kit formed the early interest of textile led design and the effect strong design has on our day to day psychological well being.

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RomanceWasBornRomance Was Born

Romance Was Born is the contemporary Australian fashion house with a unique story telling vision. The renowned duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met while studying fashion in 2005 and established the inimitable label Romance Was Born.

The pair is known for their ability to transform any theme or seemingly random inspiration into a glittery glimmering fashion paradise. Their collections are full of breath-taking statement pieces and feature; covetable prints, hand worked details of appliqué or embroidery, intricate beading and intensely detailed sequinned elements.

Romance Was Born is held in costume and textile collections nationally at the National Gallery of Australia, the Powerhouse Museum, The National Gallery of Victoria and the South Australian Museum. Internationally, they featured in the 2019 Summer show “Camp: Notes on Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

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e3d7b16f867e06b253fd5ab9f281cbb9ea1d28ec-1500x2250Jordan Gogos

Jordan Gogos is a multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney, Australia. With a practice that explores the intersection of design and the environment, he is focused on sustainability and supporting the emerging arts sector.

For this piece, Gogos’ gathered material from current or past projects and embedded into each other from polar opposite ways of making - heavy duty industrialised machinery used to compress textile waste and hand sewn gathered material trails around it. The piece has hand dyed and painted fabric that transferred from one layer onto another - wasting no water or paint. Leather spray paint was overlaid over the entire work to allow textures across different techniques to be seen through perspectives of depth and texture rather than colour.

The work became apart of the mannequin so is titled Set in Stone drawing attention to the fact that clothing whilst activated on a body can similarly become a structure or architecture like any other built object.

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AliceMcCallAlice McCall

London-born Australian fashion designer Alice McCall traded in a ten-year career as a stylist to the stars to launch her eponymous fashion label in 2004. She went on to be stocked in 171 stores across 36 countries globally.

Star studded clientele of the Alice McCall label include Natalia Imbruglia, Mischa Barton, Gemma Ward, Diane Kruger, Elle Macpherson, Chloe Sevigny, Mandy Moore, Rose Byrne, Katy England and Natalia Vodianova.

Alice is happily married and lives with her designer husband Nicholas Morley and four years old Wilde Rose Morley McCall; half of the year in Australia and half of the year in Bali.

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Drawing from various materials from prior exhibitions, STEPPING OUT breathes new life into familiar objects, imbuing them with symbolic significance. Bricks, for instance once used for building a shield for protection, take on a new role as emblems of tranquillity, perhaps a shopping bag and a foot rest, while repurposed body parts evoke themes of transformation and new beginnings. STEPPING OUT captures the essence of liberation and the embrace of the feeling of moving forward.

HOSSEI's artistic pursuits span performances, installations, and sculptural creations, drawing from his background as an educator and carer, intertwined with a keen interest in costume, spectacle, ritual, and choral performance. He repurposes industrial and household materials, along with deadstock textiles and building supplies, turning them into wearable costumes and accessories.

As a multidisciplinary Australian artist with Persian, Turkish, and Russian roots, HOSSEI's work extends far beyond Western Sydney, having exhibited in places like Parramatta Artist Studios, Artspace, SCA, and Dark Mofo. His art explores themes of cultural heritage, emotional exploration, togetherness, and healing, often incorporating elements of secrecy, the unconscious, theatricality, and mysticism to craft surreal narratives populated by real and imagined characters.

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ChristelleScifoChristelle Scifo

With a resume that reads (but is not limited to) creative director, set designer,
floral stylist, and brand consultant, it’s impossible to pigeonhole Christelle
Scifo. That’s why the local creative built a business that lets her do it all.

Fleurette, which Scifo describes as “the culmination of my multi-disciplined
self”, gives others the chance to harness her wide-reaching skill set, and
provides Scifo with the freedom to work with what she loves, be that flowers
one day and fashion the next. Running her own company also allows Scifo to
satisfy another passion: travel.

Growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches, Australian-born Scifo moved to her
father’s native France for five years after she finished high school, and
frequently returns to Paris for months at a time, which she compliments with
regular trips to Bali.

“If I stay here [in Australia] too long I feel [that I] can get stagnate, so creatively I need to travel to give my eye the opportunity to travel, too,” says Scifo, who sees spending time abroad inextricably linked to her work process.

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Bella BruzzeseBella Bruzzese

Bella Bruzzese dedicates a life-long artistic practise towards finding the perfect balance of alluring visuals, story telling, and the connection to an audience. Based in Sydney Australia, Bella actively engages with the world around her to hunt for deeper sources of inspiration. As a result, these findings can later be seen in the many forms that her art works take shape.

With a background in fine art and fashion, Bruzzese has created print and textile designs for Australian designer labels and international pop stars such as Katy Perry, Sam Smith and Cardi B’s Grammy performance. In recent news, she has been selected to represent Australia for Disney’s Create 100 Global campaign alongside iconic artists such as Virgil Abloh and Beyonce.

Notably, Bruzzese has also had her work displayed internationally at popular events such as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the One Plus Music Festival in Mumbai, The Lion King red carpet premiere in Los Angeles and nationally for businesses such as Lululemon, Vogue Magazine, The Powerhouse museum and much more.

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NikitaMajajasNikita Majajas

Nikita Majajas explores the instability of the Australian housing market and the potential for innovation in response. As a perpetual renter, she has experienced first-hand the uncertainty and stress inherent in this system. The conversation surrounding housing reform is gaining momentum, sparking discussions and perhaps paving the way for much-needed change. But what if these reforms don't materialize? What if the status quo persists?

Enter the wearable house. Through a wearable house crafted from scrap ply, Majajas challenges conventional notions of home and shelter. Envisioning a future of homelessness where individuals express their unique identities through garments inspired by different architectural styles, this piece is a tangible manifestation of resilience in the face of housing instability and a provocative exploration of the intersection between architecture and fashion.

Inviting viewers to ponder the concept of home in a rapidly changing
world, Majaja’s garment becomes not only a shelter, but a reflection of
identity, creativity, and the human spirit's capacity to adapt and thrive.

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KirstyBarrosKirsty Barros

Kirsty Barros is a freelance Designer, Stylist & creative consultant currently based in Australia. After graduating with honours in Fashion Design at RMIT Kirsty worked as a designer for many renowned Australian labels doing stints for T.L. Wood, Alice McCall, Mimco and Insight.

In 2010 Kirsty launched her own label in Makers of Belief, curating and styling vintage ranges and customising pieces for prominent retailers including Sportsgirl, Belinda, Arabella Ramsay and her own webstore.

Kirsty's styling work has not just been restricted to the traditional fashion/ editorial path. Her inherent understanding of the power of clothing to elevate and transform, and a love of theatrics and music, has led her to work as a stylist for many bands including Client Liaison, Total Giovanni, No Zu and George Maple.

Kirsty’s avid appreciation and interest in music has inspired the creation of stage costumes for CLIENT LIASON and styling music videos. Also teaming up with the band to design their sell out launch fashion line in 2016. ’Subversive' probably best describes Kirsty's approach to fashion, but her eye for detail and opinion are valued by many fashion heavyweights including Lucy Folk and she continues to consult for brands today.

From Creative concepts, styling and Art Direction through to Design and production, Kirsty Barros has a broad vision and experience to cover almost every facet of the industry.

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AlixHigginsAlix Higgins

Originally from the small town of Otford in New South Wales, designer Alix Higgins has fine-tuned the balance between bold hues and bare-all fabrics to channel a strength in vulnerability that pulsates through his entire range.

Higgins is someone who creates instinctually, not by sketching and creating moodboards. For this piece, Higgins uses upcycling techniques developed from his fashion practice, such as zero waste cut and draping to mimic couture shapes and a sense of historicised elegance in an undone, deflated way. There are no internal structures or supports, just a building of the body using layers of secondhand, hand sourced t-shirts and polo shirts - the archetypes of masculine, American sportswear.

The pieces are overprinted with texts around the themes of loss, yearning, devastation, evolution and time, taken from his resort 2025 collection ‘I forgive you god’, to debut at AFW on May 15th.

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