Toolkit for Turbulence: Turn Adversity into Advantage

Are you experiencing the inevitable turbulence of uncertainty and swift adversity in an ever changing career and leadership world?

In this masterclass on leadership, resilience and adaptability, Martin Bean offers a treasure trove of strategies for turning the inevitable challenges of today's fast-paced world into opportunities for growth and innovation.
If you're a leader looking to foster new skills in an unpredictable landscape, this is the Cuppa for you. Learn how to cultivate not just your own resilience but also that of your team and organization, making your leadership truly unshakeable. Co-author, Martin Bean, encourages leaders to foster a culture where innovation is not just welcomed but is a daily practice, turning potential threats into breakthrough opportunities.
When: 12pm, Wednesday 27th March
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More on Martin Bean: 

Martin Bean is recognized for his influential roles in the fields of education and technology. Holding leadership positions at some of the world's leading educational institutions he's been an advocate for innovative and inclusive education, supporting educational access and success for students of all backgrounds. He's the CEO of The Bean Centre, the former Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT University and former Vice-Chancellor of The Open University.
His tenure as Vice Chancellor of the Open University in the UK was marked by a strong emphasis on leveraging digital technologies to expand access to higher education, making learning more flexible, affordable, and available to a broader audience. While at Microsoft, he focused on the intersection of technology and education, aiming to enhance educational outcomes through digital learning platforms.
Martin's career is characterized by his passion for education reform and the use of technology to democratize access to learning.

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