Unveiling the Reality of Modern Slavery

Human Mart exhibition comes to International Towers

We're privileged to announce that on Tuesday morning, March 26th, 2024, we'll be hosting the powerful initiative, Human Mart pop-up exhibition, in our Tower Three South Lobby. Human Mart isn't your ordinary supermarket – in fact, nothing is for sale. Instead, each 'product' tells a true story of modern slavery right here in Australia.
Through the unsettling juxtaposition of people as products, Human Mart aims to shed light on the inherent injustice in the commodification of human beings. By showcasing what modern slavery looks like, they're urging the public to confront this issue and take action.
Since 2003, Anti-Slavery Australia has been leading the charge in research, support, and advocacy for survivors of modern slavery. Yet, one of the biggest challenges remains: many people are unaware that modern slavery exists in our own backyard.
With up to 41,000 people trapped in slave-like conditions in Australia, the need for awareness and action is urgent. By sharing the stories of survivors, we aim to awaken communities to the reality of modern slavery and empower them to join the fight against it.
Your support matters. All donations from this event will directly fund Anti-Slavery Australia's crucial work, including providing legal support to survivors, connecting them with necessary services, and raising awareness in communities and businesses.
Here's how you can make a difference:
  1. Donate: Contribute what you can to support Anti-Slavery Australia's vital work:

  2. Raise Awareness: Educate yourself and others about modern slavery in supply chains by completing Anti-Slavery Australia’s online courses:

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