Sustainable Style - Crafting the future of Fashion

Discover creative and sustainable ways you can get involved with Fashion Week

Sustainable fashion embodies a commitment to environmental and social responsibility throughout the entire lifecycle of a garment, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to ethical manufacturing practices and minimising waste. 

Embracing sustainable fashion means choosing pieces that not only look good but also do good for the planet and its people. 

It's about making conscious choices that leave a positive impact on the world. 

At the core of the International Towers philosophy is our absolute commitment to sustainability.

International Towers has a 6 Star Green Star Office Design rating and is the first commercial office building to be awarded this credential. The Green Star Office Design environmental rating system for buildings is the Trustmark run by The Green Building Council of Australia and is Australia’s only national, voluntary holistic rating system.

We are excited to bring you some great ways to get involved with sustainable fashion at International Towers. 


Sustainable Style - KITX 600x600KITX in Conversation

To celebrate Fashion Week, we invite you to join Kit Willow, Founder of leading sustainable fashion brand KITX and Cressida Hilken in conversation. 

Kit will share her insights into the fashion industry and her crusade to raise awareness of the destruction it causes to the planet.

Join us in the Companion Way on Wednesday 8th May, International Towers, Tower Two for a freshly made barista coffee and light breakfast from 7:45am with conversations with Kit commencing at 8:30am.

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Sustainable Style - Fashion (1)Sustainable Designs

Ten well-known and emerging fashion designers have each created a unique sustainable piece for Fashion Week. These fabulous creations will be premiered at the KITX in Conversation Event on Wednesday 8th May and  will then be on display throughout International Towers, Tower Two and Tower Three for the duration of Fashion Week.   

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Sustainable Fashion PManoloortraits

Do you have your own sustainable fashion creation or a favourite vintage piece that deserves some time in front of the camera. For two days only, during Fashion Week, International Towers will have a professional portrait studio set up in the Lobby. 

Book in to have your portrait taken by renowned Fashion photographer Manolo Campion, we will also have some fun props on hand to make your photos really pop. 

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Make your Sustainable Fashion Pledge

Inspired by Amy Powney Sustainable Fashion Designer, we invite you to make your own Fashion Pledge, small individual changes make a collective big impact.
Visit our photo booth in the lobby during fashion week to make your pledge.