Will you #TakeThePledge this International Women's Day?

From bathrooms to bold actions — join Two Good in creating impactful, sustainable change for women, every day of the year.

This International Women's Day (IWD), we're making noise around Two Good Co's latest campaign. These folks are on a mission to empower women who have faced domestic violence and homelessness, and you may already know their name from the top-notch soap they provide for our bathrooms.
They're calling on all of us to rise up and #TakeThePledge. Get in on the action this IWD and choose one (or why not go wild and choose all four?) of their easy yet impactful Pledges. And guess what? We've got your back with a couple of them already!
  1. The DV Policy Pledge. This one's a no-brainer. Bring DV support into your organisation with Two Good's free downloadable DV Policy template and social media tiles to show off your commitment. Easy peasy.

  2.  The Safe Places Pledge. Women's bathrooms have become a sanctuary for those most in need. This Pledge is all about creating a safe space in your building or workplace. We've already taken the lead on this one to create a safe space in our End of Trip facilities at MQ, complete with supportive signage. So, think of this Pledge as in the bag (or should we say, in the stall?).

  3. The Change-Maker Pledge. Ready to make waves? Take the Change-Maker Pledge and become a spokesperson for Two Good's #ChangeTheCourse series. Share powerful stories with Two Good, spread the word through your communication channels, and be a champion for good. 

  4. The Soaps For Hope Pledge. This pledge includes signing a Letter of Intent by IWD 2024, to enter a Soaps For Hope social procurement contract and help Two Good reach their goal of 500 Buildings by 2027. Since we're already rocking Two Good soap in our common area bathrooms at MQ, you can consider this Pledge already lathered up! 
Ready to make a difference? #TakeThePledge and show the world that you mean business when it comes to change.

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